Choosing a bed guide

On average we spend a third of our lives in bed, so it is important that we choose a new bed wisely. We all know that a bad night’s sleep can ruin the following day and even start to affect your health and lifestyle. Equally a good night’s sleep can make you feel fresh and energized.

Therefore we have put some tips together to help you select your new bed or mattress

When is it time to buy a new mattress?

Most people think that that a bed / mattress lasts ten years. There is however no set life span. How long the bed / mattress lasts is governed by its use – i.e. main bedroom = permanent use, or occasional use in the spare bedroom. The kids trampolining obviously ruins the spring units, as does bed wetting. And the most common culprit is not turning the mattress regularly.

Some factors to consider when deciding if it is time for a change are:

  • When you wake, are you sore, stiff or in pain?
  • Do you now sleep worse than you did a year ago?
  • Does your mattress show visible signs of wear and tear?
  • Have you recently slept better elsewhere – i.e. at a friends or in a hotel /holiday?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then it’s probably time for a new mattress or bed.

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Bed Dimensions

  • Single
    Width 90cm by length 190cm
    (Width 3ft 0ins by length 6ft 3ins)
  • Double
    Width 135cm by length 190cm
    (Width 4ft 6ins by length 6ft 3ins)
  • Kingsize
    Width 150cm by length 200cm
    (Width 5ft 0ins by length 6ft 6ins)

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Explanation of terms

Starter mattress – Basic mattress that’s ideal for bunks, wooden frames or metal beds

Orthopaedic – This is a term used by manufacturers to indicate a firm product. It does not imply that it will cure or treat a deformity in bone or muscle

Pocket Springs – As the name implies, the individual springs are in their own material pocket which helps them to be as independent as possible from their neighbours.

Therefore, fitting and moulding to your body These mattresses provide extra comfort and help to prevent ‘roll together’.

Twin Springs – A hybrid of the open coil is the twin spring mattress. Here, there are two layers of springs.

 Open Coil  – This spring system is probably more easily explained as the first spring being joined to the second one and so on so that if you push on one spring, the weight is shared by it’s neighbouring springs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are mattresses sold and what should I choose?
    Mattresses are sold separately from many leading manufacturers. As standard sizes range from single to kingsize, in soft, medium and firm, in various qualities. Most mattresses can go straight onto a firm base, many are suitable to go onto a slatted base and there are a few that can go onto an existing sprung divan. If special sizes are required, please refer to that section.
  2. What manufacturers do you stock?
    We stock many leading makes of manufacturers from cheap and cheerful for the rental market, mid quality for spare rooms and quality beds for permanent use.
  3. What type of mattresses do you sell?
    There are many types of mattresses available from open coil, pocket spring, memory foam, latex. In all different tensions – soft, medium, firm, orthopedic. Bases can be firm or sprung, with drawers, without, thin base on legs, thin bases to go into frames – the combinations are endless. This is where our experience comes in very useful.
  4. What underbed storage is available?
    There are various storage methods – drawers or sliding doors or even a thin base on legs for open storage. There are ottoman beds and even beds which store underneath other beds.
  5. Can I get special bed/mattress sizes?
    Yes – special sizes are more commonly available through a bed specialist like ourselves from 75cms (2’6”) to 180cms (6’0”). Width and length can be altered quite easily to the size you require within multiples of 7.5cms (3”), which is the size of a standard spring. Again, this is where our experienced staff come in very useful and we are more than willing to help you sort out the size you want for your mattress and bed.
  6. Whats the difference between a bedstead and a frame?
    Bedsteads are metal. So traditionally, a bedstead is a metal framed bed base in various designs from traditional ‘bedknobs and broomsticks’ / gothic period / to modern trend setting or heavy robust designs. Then all you have to do is put a mattress of your choice on top.N.B. Not all mattress are suitable to go onto Bedsteads, we will be happy to advise .
  7. So what’s a frame?
    Frames are Wooden. So traditionally, a frame is a Wooden framed bed base in various designs from traditional slatted or spindle headboard with a low foot end ,most wooden frames at the moment are made from soft wood ( most are pine) stained in various finishes. There are many different designs and price range aimed at giving you more choice , from ‘Ranch’, ‘Country’, ‘ Farmhouse’, ‘Pane, and ‘Chunky’. Then all you have to do is put a mattress of your choice on top.N.B. Not all mattress are suitable to go onto Frames, we will be happy to advise
  8. As a high street and online retailer, are your prices competitive?
    Yes definitely! Many people have found our online prices very competitive and up to date. We don’t offer special formulas for buying on line, we know if the price is right, you will not only buy from us, but you will also recommend us to friends. Repeat trade is important to us and has been since we started selling beds in Southgate in 1988. Because if the ever changing range of products and promotions, it is virtually impossible to list all of our prices, so here is a small sample: For up to date prices, feel free to e-mail us